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Who is a Young Carer?

A Young Carer is someone under the age of 25 who has grown up in a family with a parent, brother or sister with a chronic illness, mental illness, disability, addiction or other serious illness or injury.

Young Carers might assist with tasks including:

Cooking, managing household tasks and looking after the family budget
Getting a family member out of bed
Emotional support
Personal care tasks
Assisting to give medicine
Communicating for someone in their family
Looking after other brothers and sisters

Growing up with these responsibilities may not feel any different for most kids, in fact most Young Carers don’t necessarily give themselves this title. These young people often have extraordinary skills that other young people don’t however they also may struggle in their own health, self confidence, education, employment and financial opportunities.

Little Dreamers believes in an Australia where all Young Carers have someone to care for them and achieves this through direct support programs, advocacy, community education and increased workplace opportunities.

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