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So what is a Young Carer?

A Young Carer is someone who is under 25 years old who grows up caring for a parent, brother or sister with a serious illness or disability, someone who doesn’t often have enough time to care for themselves.

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Recognising, celebrating and amplifying Young Carers and Special Siblings.

Young Carers are one of the most vulnerable groups in Australia.

  • We improve their lives and strengthen their futures by increasing their social connectedness through holiday programs, a yearly festival, and the Dreamers Hub (a communication platform for Young Carers).
  • We champion young carers through our advocacy programs, which raise awareness and break down barriers of stigma and ignorance surrounding disability, mental health, and caring.
  • We foster employment pathways by working with businesses to develop carer-friendly workplaces, and through our development programs that empower 16-18-year-olds through workshops and retreats that bring out their own strengths.

All our programs are tailored to young carers and target high-risk areas to ensure that everyone can take part in Australian prosperity, whether in a caring role or not. Young Carers often mature early and undertake roles children shouldn’t have to. Young Carers are disadvantaged in their mental health, academic performance, and job prospects.

By eliminating these barriers, and highlighting the skills that young carers gain through life experience, we strengthen their future and that of the community at large by ensuring they are given the opportunity to be fully engaged in society.