Case Management

Navigating the carer space and network of community organisations is tricky and can be confusing and daunting. No matter where you are at with your Young Caring journey, we are the one stop shop you have been looking for. While we’re not social workers, we are Young Carers who have been through it all before and we have developed an ecosystem that solves all of your scratching your head moments.

So how does our case management program work?

When you apply for support at Little Dreamers you will get paired with a Little Dreamers support worker who will take you through a carer assessment. This will explore what areas you and your family need the most support in. From here we will talk with you, understanding the results together and agreeing on which services to go ahead with.

It is at this point that we access our incredible ecosystem of support and introduce you to services are required. All introductions are warm introductions, meaning that these are services that we have developed relationships with, vetted on your behalf and are services that we trust. Following the introduction we can either come with you to meet with that service for the first time or leave you to make the most of the opportunity.

Little Dreamers will continue to work with you and your family throughout the years, introducing to new services as needed, supporting through other Little Dreamers programs and just checking in.

I am looking for some education too as well as introduction to other services…

Well isn’t that great to hear! For every new family we work we will will send you an individualised booklet with:

  • Fact sheets about how to explain your family members illness, disability or addiction to your friends (or to younger children in your family)
  • Frequently asked questions for parents about common challenges that come up with Young Carers
  • Activities for parents and Young Carers or Special Siblings to do together

Booklets will be sent out within 48 hours from application.


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