Carers Accreditation Program

The Carers Accreditation Program is an innovative program, making it as easy as possible to support Young Carers in schools and Carers in the workforce.

Through a mixture of online and face to face professional development, workshops, policy support and info sessions, The Little Dreamers Carers Accreditation Program is the step by step education package that your school and workplace need. 

Why the focus on in-school education?

Statistically, there are 2-3 young carers in every classroom. Most schools are only able to identify 2-3 young carers school-wide, but we guarantee that there are more that remain hidden. The reasons for this is that there is an unfortunate stigma attached to being called a young carer, or being classified as a young person in a family affected by disability, illness, or addiction. Additionally, many of these young people don’t actually know that they are part of a community that requires extra support, after all it would seem pretty normal for them to care for a family member.

But caring, and being part of a caring family, takes its toll on young people. 2/3 will develop a mental health problem, and only 4% of young primary carers are still engaged in education. High numbers of these children report that caring negatively impacts their attendance, concentration, and performance within the classroom.

How do we address this problem?

Our school accreditation program works closely with staff and students to deliver the information, awareness, and training that your team needs to identify these young people in your school, and provide the support that they need to thrive.

The program consists of online learning modules, face-to-face training, young carer and Little Dreamers speakers, resources (including posters, flyers, and fact sheets), ongoing support, and promotional material (photos/videos), amongst others, in order to create a positive and informed environment for young carers in schools. This program will reduce stigma, increase interactions between staff and students as well as peer-to-peer, and link your students in with our organisation for access to our other programs and services.

This program is the first of its kind in Australia and similar programs have been tested successfully internationally and we know that it’s time to make the change here. There are currently no widespread, successful programs focussing on Young Carers in education targeted on a whole-schools approach. The Little Dreamers Carers Accreditation Program is filling this gap!

Why Carers in the workforce?

At a minimum, workplaces must be supporting carers through access to flexible working arrangements, as stated in the Fair Work Australia Act (2009). But nobody should aim for the minimum, and investing in respect for staff, morale, and wellbeing, pays off in many ways.

Research has shown that the following areas are greatly impacted by supporting carers;

  • Increased staff morale
  • Increased staff retention
  • Reducing sick leave and absenteeism
  • Improved staff engagement
  • Improved service delivery
  • Reducing recruitment and training costs
  • Increase productivity

Evidence shows that these increases aren’t just for the carers in the workplace, but for the workplace at large. This is due to employees recognising the positive changes put in place, and the respect that the organization shows for their staff wellbeing.

Little Dreamers Workplace Accreditation Program is a flexible training and awareness program that will allow your business to fully unlock the potential of your staff. We will work closely with you to develop policies, run workshops, implement strategies, and provide you and your staff with the information you need to maintain a healthy and positive workplace. Supporting carers isn’t just about opening up your business to a wider range of amazing candidates; it’s also about providing support for your current employees who may find themselves in a caring role at any time. The peak caring age is 45-64, which is typically the age when employees have developed a high level of job-related knowledge and experience. You don’t want to lose these employees when their priorities shift due to unforeseen circumstances. Our Accreditation Program will ensure your employees are aware of how much you appreciate their work.