The Dream Big Project

96% of Primary Young Carers between the ages of 15 – 25 years drop out of education. It is crucial that Young Carers going through school are given the support that they need to excel and continue their education and follow their dreams.

The Dream Training Program


Keynote Speaker

We have a team of incredible Young Carers that are available to tell their story at your next assembly, parent evening or corporate event. We have a very high number of Young Carers that come forward and identified themselves as such after our Keynote presentations. These presentations also offer up tips and tricks for Young Carers on how to cope with their caring role and still maintain a childhood.



Workshops can be designed for only Teachers, Young Carers, a whole classroom or even a year level at a time. Our workshops can be personalised to fit specific time limits and explore what it is like for someone to have a caring role at a young age, what impact that can have, different barriers and stigma facing Young Carers (including the understanding of different health conditions), and what other people can do to support their friends or Young Carers in their year level.

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Young Carer Audit

A Young Carer Audit involves a survey identifying the approximate number of Young Carers in your school, then a presentation to relevant staff about the current status of Young Carers and the issues they may be facing. Finally, the Young Carer Audit finishes up with a presentation about the strategies that can be put in place in your school to better support Young Carers. Little Dreamers will then work with you to implement these strategies and regularly measure their impact.