What do we do?

Dream Experiences

The Dream Experience Program provides opportunities for Young Carers to participate in. Examples of these include running onto the ground with your favourite AFL team, hot air balloon rides, concert tickets, girls day out and more.

School holiday programs

The Day Dream School Holiday Program is run in partnership with Ronald McDonald House across Australia to provide the incredible brothers and sisters living in the house with their sick siblings, and those supported by the Education Program, with a holiday program just for them!

The Dreamers Hub

The Dreamers Hub is an online support group run by Young Carers for Young Carers! This platform features a forum, resource library, inspirational stories and tips and tricks developed for Young Carers.

Case Management

Looking for a way to navigate the complicated caring support industry? We have just the people to help you do that.

Big Dreamers

Are you a Young Carer between the ages of 16 and 18 who is not quite sure who you want to be when you grow up or how you are going to get there? Big Dreamers is a 6 month personal development program with mentors, retreats and workshops (the whole shebang really!)


Sometimes all you need is a great person to chat to about stuff that’s going on at school, someone to go to the movies with or even someone to help you with your homework. Little Dreamers mentors are the perfect people for all of these things and more!

Carers Accreditation Program

Did you know that 1 in 8 people in the workforce is a carer and 2-3 kids in every single classroom across the country have caring responsibilities at home? The Little Dreamers Carers Accreditation Program helps you to create Carer Friendly Workplaces and Young Carer Friendly Schools.

Young Carers Festival

The annual Little Dreamers Young Carers Festival celebrates all things Young Carers at the beginning of Carers Week each year. Featuring jumping castles, arts and crafts, obstacle courses, superhero training, food stalls, info stalls and more, the Young Carers Festival is free and everyone is welcome!

Advocacy and Awareness

Young Carers are one of the most vulnerable groups of young people in Australia. Don’t believe us? That’s only the tip of the problem. Check out some of our previous advocacy and awareness campaigns and see what we have coming up.


Struggling to explain a chronic illness, mental illness or disability to your child, your child’s friends or your family? We have just the resources to help you out!