About Young Carers

There are close to 500,000 Young Carers in Australia but they are still very much overlooked and have been named one of Australia’s most vulnerable group of young people in the country. We have collected all of the details you need to best understand this group of young people so have a flick through the links below and let us know what you think!

What is a Young Carer?

Start from the beginning, what is a Young Carer, what are the major stats that you should be aware of? This is the place for you. Check out some stories from our Little Dreamers Young Carer ambassadors while you’re here.


Developing the most comprehensive database of Young Carer research reports so it is easier for you to see what has been going on around the world is of top priority. Check out what we’ve found so far.

Our thoughts

Ever wanted to hear an experts perspective on things going on in the media related to carers? Want to know what we think about self care and other stuff that could be good for a carer? Give our blog a read, we don’t think you’ll be bored (we do want to hear what you think though – flick us an email to let us know where you stand on some of the issues!)