Looking for resources to help explain chronic illness, mental illness or disability to your children, their friends or the rest of your family? We have just the thing. Happy Kids Publishing was launched in the early 2000s by Little Dreamers volunteer Lisa Buchner after struggling to explain Epilepsy to her daughter and her son’s teachers.

Now, home to over 15 activities books about different chronic illnesses and disabilities, Happy Kids Publishing has started creating storybooks, online resources and videos to continue to explain different health concerns to children.

Topics include: Amelia has Asthma, Darcy has Diabetes, Elliot has Epilepsy, Clancy has a Cleft Pallet, Celia has Coeliac Disease and more.

New titles, My Brother is Sick Again, Colour it with Happiness and Cut In Half have joined the club recently focussing on storytelling, active mindfulness and extremely yummy sandwich recipes (have you ever wanted to try Elmo’s favourite sandwich? Well now you can!).

All titles from Happy Kids Publishing can be purchase from our website with 100% of each sale going directly to supporting Young Carers and Special Siblings.

My brother is sick again book