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Do you help to care for someone you love?


Young Carer (noun)

A person under the age of 26 who has been put in the position of caring for a parent or sibling with a chronic illness, mental illness, disability, drug/alcohol addiction or other serious illness/injury.

Why #TickTheBox?

There are approximately 420,000 Young Carers in Australia, this is equal to 1 in 10 young people under the age of 26.

Many young people who have grown up caring for a family member with a health concern do not, however, identify themselves as Young Carers. For many, this caring role is just what they do, it’s just how their family works, they don’t know any different.

Recognising yourself as a Young Carer means that you are able to access necessary supports. As a Young Carer you are eligible for a number of support services to help with personal finances, education, mental health and social connectedness.

It is our responsibility to help the Government gain a better grasp of the actual number of Young Carers in Australia so that they can better fund Young Carer supports.

By Ticking The Box on the Census on August 9th we can show the Government how many Young Carers there really are in Australia and help them to better allocate funding and support services.

The 2016 ABS Census of Population and Housing

Tuesday 9th August 2016 marks the 17th Australian Census of Population and Housing. Every 5 years, the Census provides a reliable basis for the estimation of the population of the states, territories and local government areas, for use in:

  • Determining the number of seats allocated to each state in the House of Representatives
  • Distributing billions of dollars of annual goods and services tax revenue to the states and territories
  • Determining state grants to local government areas.

The information collected on the Census every 5 years supports the planning, administration, policy development and evaluation activities of governments and other users.

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