Get involved


Donations to Little Dreamers help us to continue to support Young Carers throughout Australia. All donations to Little Dreamers over $2 are tax deductible.


There are lots of volunteer opportunities available at Little Dreamers to help change the lives for Australia’s young carers! You can join the Little Dreamers family by helping out in our Dream Experience Program, Day Dream School Holiday Program, Dream Coaching Platform, at our Young Carers Festival or in our office with admin and marketing support roles.


Are you interested in fundraising for Little Dreamers? We have some great ways for you to get involved. These include: Selling our Cut In Half Celebrity Sandwich Cookbook with 50% going to your school/organisation and 50% coming to Little Dreamers, Selling our Dream Catchers and/or Dream Catcher Bracelets in your place or work/school, Have another idea? Create your own fundraiser and we can help to pull it together!