Little Dreamers in the Media

May 8th 2016

“New book about sibling carers ‘pretty sick’ says brother”

The Age

June 26th 2016

“Few people find themselves ensconced in their career at age 15, but then, it’s probably fair to say that 23-year-old Melburnian, Madeleine Buchner, isn’t your typical chief executive.”

Sydney Morning Herald

August 9th 2016

“Buchner recently launched the ‘Tick the Box’ online campaign, which encourages young carers to tick the box in this year’s Census. Buchner hopes to get a more accurate understanding of the true number of young carers in Australia.”

Third Sector


“Be passionate about what you are doing – running a business is complex and time consuming, but if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life! – Madeleine Buchner – Founder of Little Dreamers Australia.”

RMIT University

September 26th 2014

“Ms Buchner said some were “giving up their own childhood to look after a brother, sister, mum or dad”. It was not right, “but it’s an inspiration at the same time”, she said.”

The Age

May 17th 2016

“Mazel tov to Madeleine Buchner OC’10 who was recently honoured with a Victorian Premier’s Volunteer Award for Outstanding Youth Volunteer”

Bialik College

December 1st 2016

RUMOUR CONFIRMED: An enterprising young Melbourne CEO will get the royal treatment next year when she meets Queen Elizabeth II.”


August 2016

“The 2011 Census identified about 115,000 young carers, those 26 years and under who look after a family member at home. However, Carers Victoria identified approximately 420,000 in this category which equates to 1 in 10 young people. “

July 12th 2016

“In  February 2016, a report by the Australian Child Well-being Project (ACWP) found that only 40% of  people who live in a family with a health concern, mental illness, chronic illness, or drug or alcohol dependency, classify themselves as young carers. This means that the number of young carers in Australia, currently estimated at 420,000 people, is  likely to be closer to 600,000 people. These statistics differ greatly from the last census, when only 115,000 people recorded that they were a young carer.”

Blank Pages and Empty Spaces

April 21st 2016

“Madeleine and her best friend started raising money for young carers – often the siblings of sick or disabled children – when they were 9 years old. The idea came from Madeleine’s own experience helping to care for her epileptic little brother since she was three, and for her mother who had breast cancer from 15 years old.”


November 9th 2016

“Maddy is the Founder and CEO of Little Dreamers. Maddy is an amazing and courageous person and when you learn about her you will agree. When she was 9 years old she complained to her friend that “how come there are so many people supporting my (very sick) brother and my parents but no one seems to care for me. This feeling is common to all young carers and the thought is followed by guilt as the sibling is very very ill and always much loved, while the carer is well and realizes that the sick child deserves all the attention.”

Bentleigh Moorabbin Central Rotary

December 14th 2016

“Congratulations to Australians Jordan O’ReillyMadeleine Buchner and Abdullahi Alim who have won Queen’s Young Leaders Awards 2017 The award website pays tribute as follows:

Madeleine Buchner: Madeleine is committed to supporting young people acting as family carers across Australia.”

Australian Leadership

Spring 2016

“Kids up to 18 are invited to the Young Carers Festival in St Kilda. After a successful first year, the event is set to return Saturday 17 October, 11.00am to 4.00pm, in conjunction with Carers Victoria and Little Dreamers.”

Carers South News,

Alfred Health

December 16th 2016

“MADELEINE Buchner is off to meet the Queen after being announced as one of Australia’s winners of The Queen’s Young Leaders competition for 2017. The 24-year-old was recognised for her work as CEO of Little Dreamers, an organisation aiming to improve the emotional and physical health, wellbeing and resilience of young carers around the country.”

The Australian Jewish News